So far 2015 is feeling fresh and new for Crinkle!

Tonight I am reflecting back on the summer Tiny Explorer Classes of 2014. It may be because I am very ready for spring to arrive or it may be because it was such a great time! All through the month of May the students and I met every Saturday at Willow, a clothing bouquet in Petworth, Washington D.C.

The kids and I read stories, created cardboard sculptures, mixed paint, wrote poems, drew designs, and painted. Every Saturday morning of mine that month was filled with interesting art projects, silly conversations, and laughter. I miss those fun mornings and I look forward to planning more Tiny Explorer classes for this summer! Crinkle moved to Pennsylvania in late 2014 and I am working towards the day when we can set up shop again somewhere in the Lehigh Valley! So far 2015 has been good to Crinkle, lots of new followers, a new website, and a FREE event at the Bethlehem Public Library on April 25th! We have a lot going on and I can not wait to see what is next this year!