How to Set Up a Creative Space for Your Kiddo

"Please, go read a book or play outside! Turn off the tv and close the tablet. Why don't you write a story or draw a picture?"

Do these statements sound like something you have said to your own children? We all want that ten minutes of peace away from our children that so we can recharge our own batteries. I am here to tell you that it is possible. It is also possible to get way more than just ten minutes!

By setting up an art making space in your home, your children will be more motivated to independently make art and create things. It is as simple as it sounds. First designate a small nook or corner for your kids in your home to be used for art making. Supply a table or easel, chair and some art materials such as markers, crayons, colored pencils, stamps, ink pads, scissors, paper, and paint.

If the thought of art messes and materials all over your home makes your skin crawl, coach your child to keep their space "tidy" so that supplies can be fresh and ready for each time they want to use them. This is their space and they will need to keep it clean. Instilling in them a sense of pride for their space will help with the ease of clean ups. (also the dollar store has great kraft paper rolls for table tops to cover when kids are creating messier projects!)

Lastly, I always suggest to parents to create an "art gallery" wall near the creative space. This space is where your child can proudly hang something they have created, thus helping to instill that sense of pride and ownership of their little art making nook. Pinterest has some amazing ideas for kid art gallery walls.

Once your small creative space is set up and your kids are aware of the cleaning expectations, you'll be surprised to see how often your child will want to independently work on their own, creating something to show you or hang on their gallery wall. As your child progresses with the art materials, provide more interesting materials such as tissue paper and modeling clay. With a little bit of effort, you'll find yourself having much more than just ten minutes to recharge.

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