Drawing Challenge for Children

Many people, adults and children alike, need a warm up / challenge to start off their drawing for the day. When I teach kids in their home, I often begin with a warm up activity. Some times the activity is tactile (like building something) and other times it is drawing based. The challenges are always a short and only last 2-5 minutes and have an open ended result. 

Pictured here is one of my favorite way to wake up the hands and mind when drawing! This challenge is easily constructed, just cut a hold in a piece of paper and ask your child to draw what the hole belongs to or where the hole is. This can be done with a regular piece of paper, such as a scrap or a piece of printer paper. Children's ideas will roam wild as they decide with their creative mind what the hole "is".

An added challenge I sometimes do is to use a blank card and only put the hole on the front of the folded card. The hole then "leads" to something on the other side. A lot of fun for kids who enjoy the "hole in the paper" idea and want to take it further. 

Happy drawing!